Your subscribers are safely tucked away in your Autoresponder

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In my last post about Email Marketing I talked about the first steps to capture a lead, with the most information on how to create and use a capture page.

In this post we are going to discuss the action to be taken after your guest has signed up with you.

Your visitor has signed up with you through your capture page and is now safely at home in your autoresponder.

What is an Autoresponder

If you want to start collecting your own leads and subscribers you will need an autorsponder. This will be your first expense.

I have found that there is all kinds of autoresponders

Heres some info from Tool Tester.

Free Autoresponders

This is probably the best way to send emails to your list if you have under 50 subscribers. This involves a google spreadsheet. Jaime says it does not involve alot of work, you do have to put the email addresses into the spreadsheet.

Autoresponders that are included in another program:

These are not free they usually are only available to you if you up grade. There is only one I know of and it is called Easy Traffic Boost affiliate

Easy traffic Boost requires you to put the raw HTML that is you capture page form into a box they give you in the “Edit My Details” Tab.

Some “FREE” autoresponders are only free up to a certain number of emails or subscribers a month. If you go over the limit they charge you.

Mail Chimp is one of these. Aweber affiliate charges $19.00 a month for up to 500 subscribers. They go up to $149.00 a month for 25,000 subscribers. There is no free plan but a free trial period that lasts 30 days.

I used them for awhile and liked them very much but being the cheapskate that I am i use Trafficwave affiliate which is $17.95 a month for as many subscribers that you can handle.

Domain Name

This is the next expense. You really do not need a domain name if you are going to use a third party program with a built in autoresponder. I do not use third party autoresponders so I really do not know.

Domain names are not really that expensive. I have a few including the one that is this blog. A personal domain will cost you $8.99 a year on


In order to capture leads with your capture you can use third party landing pages.

If you are a “pro” member in affiliate you can set up 2 splash pages into capture pages.

If you want to create your very own capture pages and thankyou pages a domain and hosting is another way to go. This will be an expense. Namecheap shared Hosting starts at 0.82 cents for the first year and then starts to go up.

Theres They are 100% free for all you budgeters out there. Word to the Wise, they have been hacked before. you cam read all about it here:

I happened to be on my favorite safelist last night and saw an ad for this hosting company. This is a brand new hosting company with a completely different slant on things.

The top hosting program for 2020 is Bluehost. It starts at $2.95 for the first year and $7.99 after that for one website. It has a great affiliate program where you earn $65.00 for each sign-up.

Conclusion: This is the second post in a series on Email Marketing. The next post will be about lead magnets and thank you pages.

A lot of people including me take lead magnets very seriously. A lead magnet is the catalyst that entices the visitor to sign up via your capture page.

A thank you page is the first email that your new subscriber will see in his/her inbox.

Until next time

Happy Marketing

Jacqueline Buckley


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