What do I Do Next!

afternoon watching the sky at the dock.

I have got the end of summer blahs.  I have just re-subscribed to my hosting company.  So my blog is paid up for another year.  For some reason I do not feel like starting any new projects.  All I want to do is click on traffic exchanges.afternoon watching the sky at the dock.

If you are going through the same thing you are not alone.  If you are saying to your self “What Do I Do Next” you are not alone.  We all cannot be up and raring to go 24/7.  The weather has you down, your not feeling yourself, family obligations.  It could be anything that has stop your creative juices from flowing.

The only thing I can suggest is get in front of that computer everyday and write a few words.  Be consistent and set aside some time everyday.  Start with the first thing that comes to you and go from there.  Write that first sentence.

The next time I sit down to write a post I hope I am passionate enough about a subject to instill an interest in my readers.

Here is a poll that I have made to find out from you what you are passionate about.

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I am hoping with a little input from y’all I can get off the stick.


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