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I am very excited about writing this post about Viral Link Building.  From what I have read it involves social media and it is alot like going on a joy ride.  Any way I have enlisted Search Engine Watch to explain to us what viral link building is Search Engine Watch

Pay close attention to the story at the bottom of the blog about how a Dutch Soccer team developed a viral link.  I think this is the easiest way to explain how to create a viral link and use the concept for your own viral link.

Another definition:

Contributor(s): Matthew Haughn
Viral content is material, such as an article, an image or a video that spreads rapidly online through website links and social sharing.

Now that we know the definition and a little about it lets see how it can help us out.  I have found this free marketing system that is a decent way to start to advertise your websites and blog virtually.

A little bit about Free Viral Generator

When you register with this software you will be find that it is 6 levels.  No it is not an MLM its a software that generates traffic 6 levels deep.  The first level is locally and the next level is the US and Canada and the following levels are world wide.  There is even a box where you can put the coordinates of where your business is with a link to google map that will give you these coordinates.

The people that developed this software are big on social media and give you every known social media button under the sun to click on so that you add the your link and get loads of traffic.

There are banners of all sizes and 3 landing pages.

It does take awhile to navigate through it all but I think its worth it.

What helps your blog or website go viral is the links it attracts.  This is called link baiting.  When a website gets more links to their content it will be on its way to going viral.  Link Bait is a type of content that encourages a visitor to visit that website or blog through a video, slideshow, a infographic.  Something shocking, colorful, gossipy, funny, artsy or newsy.  Microsoft is great for doing this.  Just click on the blue e on the bottom task bar on your computer and you will be blasted with all kinds of crazy stuff Microsoft has put on their page for that day.

I put a survey I found at PlayBuzz  on this blog and it seems to be doing pretty good.  Just click on the image below.

<a href="" title="How Would You Die In A Horror Movie"></a>” width=”266″ height=”189″></a></p>
<p>That is one way you can get people to your blog and if this goes viral its even better. You will start getting leads and eventually down the line customers.</p>
<p>Viral link building is the grease that will send your website or blog flying into cyberspace to parts unknown.  You are probably thinking, “well I only want my website to be seen by visitors that are interested in what I am promoting”.  That great but just think of all the other visitors out there in the universe that may be interested in what you are promoting.</p>
<p>From what I gather from my research Google does not mind a little viral linking if it is useful and relevant to the content that they are indexing.  People have to see your blog and if you are writing good content, using relevant keywords what is wrong with a little link baiting.  “Alls fair in Love and War”  My use of Playbuzz to show a survey in order to get my readers to participate has nothing to do with this article about <strong>viral link building</strong>, but people are checking out my blog because of it and thats what is important.</p>
<p><em>Disclosure: The content of this post are my ideas, I do not try to emulate anybody else, if I do I will write it in the post.</em></p>
<p><em>The affiliate links are to products that I endorse and it is up to you to buy or not. No affiliate link were harmed in the writing of this post.</em></p>
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In conclusion write a little something and get it out to the cosmos, it will come back to you like a shooting star.



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