Thoughts About Dreams and Goals

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What are your Dreams

Did you have a dream to become an artist or a doctor. I know, these are pretty generalized. When you where a child what did you dream of becoming when you grew up. Are you living the dream now.

This is a motivational post for people who have a dream and want to achieve it.

Are you playing it safe.

Are you like most people and going for what is right in front of them. Are you making excuses for yourself when you have failed to achieve something you want. Are you blaming other people, your environment, the fact that you do not have any money.

I thought I would start with this video because Jack Canfield has a softer approach then alot of motivational speakers.

He is right, there are a lot of people afraid to venture out of their comfort zones.  I am one of those people.

There is one thing I do play it safe with.  That is money.  I like so many other people cannot just spend money on a whim.  So I think about it long and hard before I spend money on my dream.

I do not have a fear of failure.  I am not afraid of hard work.  I am not afraid of the competition.

You fail your way to Success

Could you handle your goal right now, if it were given to you.

Check out this scenario!

One day you get a phone call from your father telling you that he has retired and he left you his business. You and he had discussed handing you the reins. You really wanted to take over so you were ecstatic.

Did you get yourself ready by going to business school. Working toward your degree in business and graduating at the head of your class. Did you get to know other people that had the same goal as you. Did you get up in the morning with a game plan as to what you could achieve that day in order to come closer to your goal. Would your father be comfortable with his decision to hand the business over to you.

Do you have the confidence to handle your goal because you know that you have worked hard every day to get yourself ready.

If not the old saying “The only reason you failed was you” would be good in your situation.

Here is something else to think about!

Was there a fire in your belly, do you have determination to fight for what you want. People do not win because of luck, they make their luck. They work at their goals and practice all the time. They work at their goal even when they do not want to. You have got to want something so bad that you work at it night and day. It is the most important thing in your life.

If you fail think of that as a learning experience and proceed as usual.

Do not give up, no matter what people say. Do not listen to the nay Sayers. Believe in yourself and go after your goals. There are many times you will want to give up because it is just getting to hard.

Nothing comes easy in this world

There are 36 million millionaires in the world according to Inc. 80% of those millionaires are self made according to Dr. Tom Stanley, author of “The Millionaire Next Door”.

Heres a motivational video with Denzel Washington. In this video you will here him say “don’t confuse movement with progress”. I am guilty of that. I do alot on the internet toward my goal of making a living as an affiliate marketer and sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels..

Moving On

You may have a dream but a goal is the only way to achieve that dream.  You have got to have goals in order for your dream to come true.

Dreaming is safe but its when you try to make your dream a reality, that is when the hard part comes.

Do not become overwhelmed by your dream.  Start with a small goal.  One night sit down at the computer and do some research on your dream, for instance.

Always look up and Dream big.


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