Things Owners Of Internet Marketing Sites Should Never Do

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Have you noticed in the internet marketing world how once an owner has started a new business website within a short time he/she has started another one.

What ever happened to making sure the first business website is properly running and making a profit before starting a new one.

Another thing I have noticed is the complete disrespect for the membership.  This goes along with building one new business website after another at breakneck speed.

I used to live on the edge of a new housing development when I was growing up.  They where building houses so fast that I swear, you would go to bed and there would be an empty lot and in the morning you woke up and a new house had appeared overnite.

The same thing is happening with internet marketing.

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The reason for this is a desperate need to make money on the internet.

These websites have made using them a lesson in what not to do on the internet if you want to create a clientele who you want to come back.

I have found that they use the same script for every website they put out in their series of cheap websites.  I just signed into one and decided to send an email to the credit mailer they advertise.  I was informed that I was required to click on 8 of their ads in order to do this.  They did not tell me what kind of ads I needed to click on.  They feature banner ads, text ads, credit mails, solo mails.  So I clicked on credit mails, solo mails, banner ads and text ads.  I know I clicked on more than 8 ads and still I could not add an email to the credit mailer because I was informed I did not have the right amount of ads clicked.  To me this is a cheap advertising site and I don’t mean cheap as far as making money on it, even though I know that is not going to happen.

There are many kinds of these sites in internet marketing that have every intention of acquiring a large membership but do not have any inkling on how to treat their members.  Their main concern is making money right away so they can see profits.

There was one series of websites I did feel would be of value to me.  The owner of this series started out with one traffic exchange program called WebBizInsider.  His empire has grown to eighteen websites.  This includes traffic exchanges, advertising sites and banner exchanges.

Sometimes you have to let sleeping dogs lie.  The owner re-designed all eighteen of his business sites, to bring it up to modern standards (I guess).  They load slowly now and there is a message on his sites:

Most of the site upgrades from the Summer Upgrade Project are complete. There is still some data that is being checked and verified. Specifically the referral data on who you referred to the program before July 17th and the commissions. I want to make sure that everyone who was in your downline before the upgrade is still assigned to you. The commissions are dependant on the referral data, so those are not displaying until the verification is done.

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It was very nice of the owner to put this message on his websites to put people at ease about their commissions.  I think it is too little too late.  I have never upgraded in an advertising website or  a traffic exchange for that matter.

There is one I did decide to invest in and I am still waiting for my commission.

Don’t get me wrong I still use advertising websites, traffic exchanges and banner exchanges.  I just do not invest any money in them because I see how they treat their members and how badly some of these sites are designed.

SEO will still be my #1 builder of traffic to my blog. Even though I still have a lot to learn I do have faith in it.

There is a few internet marketing sites I think you should look into if you are interested.  The owners of these sites are honest and do like their membership.

The owner of this advertising site is very generous with his promos and recently upped the credits you earn when you click on “surf page ads”.  Also everything works on his website.

The only problem I see is you probably need to contact support about the prices of the upgrades.  He does not specify if the amount is monthly or one time only.

My Viral Ad Traffic

This next advertising website is free to use, no upgrades.  The owner is committed to his members.  He also has 5 other websites that you can join from this website and they are all free with no upgrades.

My Free Page

This next one serves up laughter with the ads that are featured.  There are several ways you can advertise Fun Guppy on your blog or website.  It is a viral website that has a free link submitter, free ad blaster and a free link swarm.

Fun Guppy


I am very paranoid about internet marketing membership websites.  If I use them I never upgrade. If I had my druthers, I would choose SEO hands down. It’s just a more professional way of getting traffic.

Of the 3 internet marketing websites I chose above the first two are new and Fun Guppy has been around for as long as I have been an internet marketer.

Have fun with them and get those ads out to the internet marketing world.










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