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When I started out on the internet I was obsessed with making money. When I was at work I would fantasize how I would sit at home at my computer just pulling out 100 dollar bills from the monitor. Yea I was that bad.

Believe me there are people in internet marketing that are tuned into this little fantasy and get people to join there website with the promise that you will be rich in just a short span of time when you follow their system.

Even now that I am an affiliate marketer I have to resist the urge to sell some piece of crap I happen to see just to see if I can get a sale.

I think this has happen to all of us at one time or another. So lets pull the reins in on this and just think about what we are doing.

People think if they sell an item that is extremely popular or is mass produced they will probably make alot of money. That might be true but do you want to make alot of money selling shoddy merchandise that is put together by a person that doesn’t care, can you really live with yourself.

Now I know what your thinking. It goes like this…Jackie must really be going off the deep end. You might be saying to yourself. “Who cares where the item comes from if my customer wants it I am going to make it available to him/her.”

Well I got news for you, its a “Feel Good” world now. People are concerned about how the item was made, if the person making the item is being treated fairly and as they say in the movies…no animals were harmed while making this movie and now it goes for humans too.

Items that you sell in this world are well made, the food and drink is free of contaminates,additives and the other stuff with unpronounceable names.

Just take a look on the internet. You will find organic clothing that you can promote such as socks that when you buy one pair another pair is donated to a homeless shelter. Ladies and Mens Wear that is only made out of cotton, silk, linen with no manmade fabrics at all involved.

The organic niche is big now and it is about time. You can do so much with it. I promote 3 fantastic websites that offer organic chocolate that is free of refined sugar and they are free trade items also.

Just check Google for items like Eco-friendly clothing and fashion, items for your home and to clean your home. Which reminds me here is a link to a all purpose concentrated cleaning product that is eco-friendly that I use.

I use this product because it is pet safe. I used to use the regular cleaning products that you buy in the supermarket to clean. One day I cleaned the tub in the bathroom with a really strong cleaner with alot of chemicals in it. My cat jumped into the tub after I was finished and started licking the tub because there was some water left over from my cleaning and became very sick.

Ever since then only eco-friendly cleaning products for me. Link to product:

The Laundress All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate

Yes this is the age of Organic and people are buying organic because they want to save the planet or only put good stuff in their body. They are looking for wholesome and additive free food for their pets. Also you might like to know that even the rock salt that you put on your driveway or sidewalk in the winter is harmless to kids and pets.

This is a fantastic and profitable niche to get involved in. If you are truly interested in a better world then this niche is for you plus it is fun.


Jackie Buckley

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