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I have a very short post on Paid Traffic.  I have been surfing and clicking on 4 paid traffic websites and have had it up to here.  First of all I refuse to pay for traffic.  There are enough free ways of getting free traffic on the internet.  So I was clicking and surfing on these sites in order to get traffic.  They of course are making it extra hard for you to make their quota as they want you to pay for the traffic they are providing.

One website has what they call Banner Ad Packs starting at $5.00 for 100 Website Credits and 2 PPC Banner clicks to $50 for 1000 Website Credits and 20 PPC Banner Clicks.

I registered with this site in October 2016 and as of today I have made a grand total of 0.02 cents as a free member.  What they want you to do is surf other members ads so your ad is shown to members.  HEY, you can do the same thing on Free Traffic websites.  I do not know where the paid traffic is coming from.

Here is a you tube video from Mike Peterson of about this subject:

Thanks for letting me rant.

Just keep in mind what kind of visitors you want to see your website.  I write my blog for newbies and visitors that are interested in affiliate marketing.  I would not put my blog on a “Paid Traffic” website because I do not know what kind of visitors I will be getting.  Sure I might get the occasional person that “maybe” interested but I don’t want to spend from $5 to $5o for that occasional visitor.

The best way to get free traffic to your website or blog is still SEO.  Visitors come to you because your offer is what they are looking for.  In conclusion, don’t click away in some free traffic site and don’t give your hard earned money to a paid traffic site to get visitors.  If your going to invest time and energy do so in researching what SEO is all about and how it can help you get paying customers.




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