Lead Magnets…A Bribe To Subscribe

A lead magnet attracting marketers

Getting high quality leads is hard work. Getting a person interested in what you are promoting is hard work. If it is digital or internet marketing related I think there is a level of suspicion.

We ask people to give us their personal information for free just so we can sell them something. We may know its a quality product but we have to convince our visitors that it is. You are probably thinking that this is what a landing page is for. There is only so much information you can put on a landing page.

There is also the sales page that is usually written by the creator of the product. Here is a sales page by Cedric Aubrey, the creator of 43 WordPress Tutorials affiliate. When you click on this link and study the sales page you will notice that even though the visitor can purchase this product, you the affiliate has no way of capturing your buyer.

We want to capture the buyer and make that person a lead so we can start a relationship with that person and hopefully have a customer for life.

My suggestion is to promote a lead magnet on your landing page first. The lead magnet has to be of high quality and be original. If not then you will probably loose a potential lead to another marketer that has a great lead magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet

According to marketingterms.com and I quote “A specific deliverable that is offered to prospects in return for contact information, typically to join an email list.”

Or the street definition: A bribe to subscribe offer

If you notice in the definition above the lead magnet is only used to get prospects to your email list. At this point, according to some marketers, you are not going to pitch your product. This is where you are going to start the relationship.

That is one school of thought. The other is that your job is to promote products and you can start out just doing that. Some successful marketers think that if you are handing out free stuff everytime you send an email your leads will be absolutely shocked when you promote a product.

I think handing out free stuff to your leads all the time is kind of like buying a relationship with free gifts. As the Beetles sing “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

Why should I Try Lead Magnets

There are alot of reasons to try lead magnets, Google is full of advice on this subject. I think the most important one is that if you target a lead magnet to a certain genre then they will reciprocate in return. This gives you insight in what your audience is all about and visa versa.

For instance, say you create a landing page that is offering a lead magnet that is a free video tutorial on SEO. Your prospects see what you are offering them in exchange for their email address.

Here is where I say that this will help you grow your reputation because you will be delivering SEO info and tools to them. You are going in a straight line as the lead magnet has alerted them to the fact that you are a person with an interest in delivering high quality products and info in SEO. The prospects that are looking for that on the internet will consider this when they join your list.

On the other hand you happen to have a product you want to promote. In my case its the product by Cedric Aubrey called 43 WordPress Tutorials.affiliate The best lead magnet for that is one that is in the same niche as wordpress products but it is free of course. Remember the short definition for leadmagnets, A bribe to subscribe offer.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages

This is where your landing page comes into play. Your landing page is going to sell this lead magnet for you. Your going to get tons of leads with the lead magnet this landing page is going to push for you.

Check out the landing page below. The lead magnet is 10 articles for free. If you write your own content or if you are interested in free information you may want to opt-in. Notice how the content “bait” has buttered up the marketer reading it by calling the prospect a smart marketer.

This company that put out this landing page is no slouch, they do offer minidegrees and online courses to the prospects that signup.

Lead Magnet Landing Page by https://cxl.com/

This is a landing page because it has a heading, a sub-heading, two bullet points, a form and a button. The only difference is that it is promoting a lead magnet not a product. The lead magnet is the 10 Articles that are being given away for free in return for an email address.

Here is a lead magnet I would like to share with you: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Once you get over the hurdle of choosing a lead magnet that is original and goes with your product. Creating a landing page with the autoresponder form take a moment to catch your breathe.

Conclusion: By now you have realized that it takes time to create your own funnel for your product. When you have finished with the lead page and the landing page plus setting up your autoresponder what are you going to do with the leads that sign up. In my next post I will be telling you about the thank you page that your subscribers will receive after they sign up.


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