I Am Deleting My Facebook Account

fFacebook in the rubbish bin.

Yes it is true, I am deleting my Facebook account. I became a member of Facebook in March of 2009. The reason I became a member is because I was curious, I just wanted to see how facebook worked.

I was not interested in making any friends on Facebook. Even to this day I only have 41 followers and 70 friends. I know one person out of the 70 and I have 4 family members. You can edit your privacy and unfortunately I went Public. So that is the reason.

I will probably miss catching up with them. So I will probably do it the “old school way” and send a card or a note if I want to connect with them.

I never advertised on Facebook either. After awhile I admit, I started to be a little bit curious as to what my new friends where doing. I just did not want to bother my family and friends with advertising. I just wanted to keep Facebook strictly as a social platform.

The reason I am removing myself from Facebook is that I think Facebook is vulnerable to outside forces. This is just my gut feeling. so I googled the statement “facebook vulnerability to outside forces”. There is quite a bit of information on this topic by top people in security.

Facebook also owns around 50 companies. Here is a post from Pocket-lint:


Not only do I have friends on Facebook but I also belong to several clubs. Another way I have used Facebook is to log in to websites through them. This is pure laziness on my part, I now know that I should have down it the proper and safe way by creating my own password.

Ok, now that you know the reason I am leaving Facebook I should tell you that about a month ago I did delete my account with them, At least I thought I did. Then for some reason one day I happen to land on facebook’s main page and I saw my email and password still in the log-in box. Ofcourse I clicked to open the page and guess what, my page appeared as if I had never deleted my account.

Facebook Header Image

Deleting Facebook

Like I said in the paragraph above I deleted Facebook permanently about a month ago. Facebook informs you that it takes 90 days to completely get rid of all the data that you have accumulated in its backup systems.

When I made the decision I clicked on “settings” then I went to “General Account Setting” which in turn brought up a page where you can “Manage Your Account” This is where you can delete your Facebook account.

You go down the page to where it says “Deactivate Your Account”. Click there and it will bring up another page that will ask you for the reason you are leaving.

I gave the reason I am leaving “I DON’T FEEL SAFE ON FACEBOOK”

This triggered a pop-up telling me they are sorry to hear this and they had two suggestions to help me with this problem.

They were to good options but the wrong ones for me as I feel safe with my friends I just worry about all the hacking going on.

Well it looks like I cannot get the pop-up off the page. You may have better luck with it.

If you want delete your account you should be able to do it with out problems.

I got the pop-up off the page by hitting the back arrow. This in turn brought my password up which I clicked on. This returned me to the page with the “Reason for Leaving” form. I went through the whole process again. By the way, “Reason for leaving” form is a requirement if you want to delete your account.

I was able to delete my account. Now I have to wait 90 days to be fully off Facebook.


Downloading an Archive of your Facebook Info

If you would like to keep your Facebook information you can download it by going to “settings” up in the right hand corner. Just click on the upside down triangle.

Clicking “settings” will take you to a General page. On the left side there will be a menu. Click on “Your Facebook Information” That will take you to to a page with the same name. Click on “Download Your Information” On the “Download Your Information” page you will see various actions you can take to download a file and what you want to save in that file.


Facebook will send you an email when they are finished downloading your file.


I thought about it for awhile before I decided the right thing for me to do is to delete my account. And from what I see in my research is that it is not easy to leave Facebook. Probably because of all the info that a person accumulates on Facebook.

If Facebook is helping you make a profit with your products are affiliate marketing then that would be doubly hard for you to say goodbye. Everybody is different.

We will see what happens in a couple of months. There is another way to get away from Facebook. You can deactivate your account. This means that you can reactivate it with the same user name and password. Read more about this:



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