How Goals Made Me A Better Person

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My Life Before Goals

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisable into the visable…a quote by Anthony Robbins, one of the world’s top self-help coaches.

What would your life be without goals. Just taking it from day to day. There are people that live like that. I am not saying that you cannot do this, looking for that opportunity to come along. The thing is you have to be prepared to take advantage of that opportunity.

I was one of those people and in away I still am. I never thought about the future, I literally lived from day to day.

When I was growing up I was taught that the only thing I needed to do was get married and have children. That was my main goal in life. My parents did not care if I got a college education, heck, they did not even care if I got good grades in high school. I was not taught to have any goals other then marriage and children.

Because of that upbringing I really did not think much of myself in relationship to the world. Of course my children grew up and unfortunately my husband passed away at an early age of lung cancer. Not before we broke up and I became a single mother.

Being a single mother prevented me from pursuing any goals, I was to busy working and keeping my family together. I did not make much money working because way back when I was a child I was not taught to have any goals for myself, which would have bettered my life and any person connected to me. Sounds like a vicious cycle.

Goals and Dreams

Do you have any dreams of being a great musician, an artist, or maybe even making money as an affiliate marketer. I had to slip that one in. Well like Tony Robbins said “goals are the first step to making your dreams a reality” in so many words.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start making a goal toward furthering your affiliate marketing. If you dream of making money from affiliate marketing start reading books about marketing on the internet, that would be the first step.

How Has Having A Goal Helped Me

My goal is to make a living online in affiliate marketing so every morning I think about what I can do during the day to further my goal. Having my eye on the prize keeps me grounded.

I have something to work toward and therefore I do not clutter my mind up with useless worries and “what ifs”. I am always in the back of my mind thinking about my goals.

A goal also gives me a feeling of confidence that I have achieved something for myself and gives me a better outlook on the world.

Goals and Happiness

Everybody wants to be happy but do goals make you happy. In my opinion no. If you think your going to be any happier when you are pursuing your goal, think again. There is going to be frustration and set backs. There maybe an illness or you might have to shelve your goal for awhile because your needed by your family. Just don’t give up.

How do you start working toward your goal

  • Start reading and doing research on affiliate marketing especially what niches are popular.
  • There are two online courses, Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliorama that will help you to organize your thoughts and help you to start.
  • Start a blog, its another way of having a online presence on the internet.
  • Join the social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

I think this maybe one of the most important steps…have a timeline…For instance make sure you work at your business every day. Experts say “write a blog post consistently”. Promote your business everyday.

Last but not least, focus on one thing at a time.

In conclusion I have to say that having goals in your business, maybe you want to make your first 50 dollars in a month. That is a goal, just think how that would make you feel if you achieve that goal.

I know that having goals in my life has given me something to look forward to. Has given me self confidence. I actually feel like I am contributing in a good way.

So start thinking about your goals right now and how you are going to achieve them.

Happy Holidays

Jackie Buckley

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