New Here…Start With This

This is a new appearance to an old blog that I was working on.

My name is Jackie Buckley originally from Queens N.Y. now residing in Philadelphia PA.

My old blog disappeared because I wiped out the index file.  I called my hosting company wondering what happened to it and they informed me the index file to the blog was no longer in my file manager of my cpanel.  I remember deleting a bunch of files but being a little clueless about how important the index file is to keeping your pages up front I must have deleted that file to.

Well they say all things happen for a reason so here I am creating a new blog, I hope a better one.

This blog will be about affiliate marketing, a subject I am interested in.  This is the same subject that my last blog was about.

The first post is about email marketing, probable the most important part of affiliate marketing and we will carry on from there.

So dear friends, you learn from your mistakes as they say.


Jackie Buckley

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