Help, I Need Somebody

People cut out like paperdolls representing diversity.Not Just Anybody!

Remember that Beatles song:

Help I Need Somebody, not just anybody. Help

Thinking along the lines of Affiliate Marketing this could be a mentor. Another way is joining a good teaching program like Wealthy Affiliate.

You need somebody or something to guide you and teach you the ins and outs.  You just cannot go on Clickbank one day and choose a product and start promoting.  I have done it and I am sure a lot of other people have tried it too.  Your just wasting a lot of precious time.

You could think of Google as a mentor.  They offer awesome programs to measure your content by and of course you can research anything.  Check out Google Trends if your stumped for something to write about.

Its hard trying to earn money on the internet.  You need to put your faith in a person that knows their way around.  Preferably, somebody that is making a good income from the internet in your chosen niche.  Just not anybody I mean somebody that will teach you what steps to take in order for you to enjoy the same success as they have.

My advice to you is to do research on the person that you are interested in being your mentor.

The people that are successful on the internet will recognize that they are in demand for the knowledge they have and most likely charge a fee for this information.

There are books to read also.   Check out Amazon and there are blogs with great articles on internet and affiliate marketing.

I have also done some research on colleges and universities that have an internet marketing program and have noticed some very good ones.  These programs go along with a degree in business.  Companies like Coca-Cola, Zappos, JetBlue are creating communities on line and see the value in online marketing.

I still think internet marketing is still viewed by some people as a way to get rich quick and it is nice to see that it is becoming respectable.

I am also starting to notice that families are going on line together to make an online income.  It is still rare, seeing online marketing as a great way to make money and the stigma of being a online marketer is fading.  This is a way of not going it alone with your business by making it a family affair.

Promote Labs, Inc is owned by Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson Check out their biographies

Internet marketing is partnership driven. Of course the owners of these internet marketing websites offer an affiliate link to their website.  This will get the member a few more credits and referrals and maybe a small monetary percentage.  The money is in upgrading your membership.

There is the team of Frank Bauer & Aurelius Tjin who are co-founders of

Trafficsplash is a  popular traffic exchange owned by Paul Kinder and Kinder-Rash Marketing and co-owned by Robert Puddy and Josh Abbott

I also want to mention Nancy Radlinger who owns Zaney Clicks.  She is the only loner here but she is involved as a founding member in other internet marketing websites.

These people have support from their partners and also you can learn from them.

There is also, Don & Betty MacEachran, a husband and wife team who owns: allstatetraffic, buzzybiztraffic, cruisebearsurf, kiwi hitsplus, and lonestarte

These are examples of having a support system to help you run your business online.

If you do not feel the need to share the duties of all that is involved in an affiliate business there are alot of tools on line to help you go it alone.

Contact Fiverr if you need an article written for a blog.

As I mentioned before Google has awesome tools for your business

There are traffic exchange scripts so you can own that perfect traffic exchange.

Here is another great website:

You can pick up some good tips for writing content and integrating your content into your marketing at

I can not tell you how much help is out there for marketers online, it just boggles my mind.  Take some time to do some research.

Conclusion:  I have given you some examples of how marketers are solving their needs as far as getting partners, family or going it alone.  Sharing your business with other people that have something positive to give is the ideal.

From looking for a mentor to guide you to partnerships in your business.

Getting an education or teaching yourself.

There is so much to learn and so much to do that you can not do it all your self so don’t hesitate to get help when you need it.

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