Getting started in Affiliate Marketing

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<img src="pexels-photo-266176.jpeg" alt="online marketing" srcset=” width=”740″ height=”192″>It is very easy to get started in affiliate marketing.  All you need is a computer and a product to sell.  It can be a product that you have created or somebody elses product.  And by the way it is free.  If somebody wants you to pay for the privilege to promote their product its a scam.

I am talking about just starting out.  I have been reading some of the articles on google and one says that you should have a backup of $500.00 to start.

I think that you should definitely have your own website.  This means that you should invest in a domain name for your website.  You can get free domains with hosting packages.  Say just for the hell of it you wanted to buy a domain name with the word “lilies” in it.  I went on my hosting site I use to host this wordpress site we are on now  and a domain name called “” that went for a $0.88 a year and one of the most expensive “” was $647.40 a year.  Thats a big difference and I am telling you now its not whether it is a .com website or a .host website, its the actual name that gets you recognized by the search engines.

A domain name is one of the very important items you need to get started in affiliate marketing.  Another item you will need is a hosting company for your website.  I use, shared hosting starts at $9.88 a year.

Next is something you will have to do a little research in, its called a niche.  What are you the most interested in, make that your niche.  Notice when I was talking about domains i threw out an example of a domain with the word “lilies” in it.  This would be a great domain name to use if your passion was growing lilies.  You need to have exactly that, passion for what you are promoting in your niche.

With in this niche you are going to promote products that will help people take care of their lilies.  Things like gardening tools, fertilizer, beautiful pots to grow them in, all types of lilies.  This of course is just an example.  If you are interested in promoting items from Amazon there are 100,276 results for “lilies” for example.  When you are getting started your niche is what everything else plays off.  Your domain name should have a word in it that refers to what your niche is all about, this helps the search engine bots recognize your website along with the keywords that are peppered about in your content.

Of course you can just put your affiliate url in a safelist or a traffic exchange to promote it.  The only problem with this is the person that sees your beautiful website with all its great content and product urls in it will pass right on by because he/she is to busy surfing trying to promote their website.  You want to attract people that are interested in your niche and try to solve any problems they are having.  That is why they are on the internet anyway, they are generally looking for solutions.

<img src="pexels-photo-237593.jpeg" alt="Happy Girl" srcset=” width=”300″ height=”199″>You have probably noticed by now that you will have to put out some money to properly promote your product or products when you get started in affiliate marketing.  But like I said before do not pay anybody to promote their products.

Moving on, the next thing you will need is an autoresponder.<–affiliate link  They are good for building your list, keeping in touch with your list.  Another word for list is subscribers (customers).  If you had a brick and mortar store your customers would come into your store to visit you.  Since your store is on the internet the only way to keep in touch with your customers is by email, this is what an autoresponder is for.

Take for instance you write an email alerting your subscribers to a new product you are promoting but you do not want to send it out just yet.  You would like to send the information out when the product launches because it is offering a coupon for 25% off on the launch date.  To make it even more complicated you have a 1000 subscribers to email to.  Set up the date you would like the autoresponder to go into action and tell it to send the email you have prepared to all of your subscribers and the job is done.

More about autoresponders: This is another expense, an autoresponder company will charge you a monthly fee.  I am a member of Trafficwave (affiliate link), they charge me $17.95 a month.  No upsell.

In conclusion: When you are an affiliate marketer you have your own business which is a lot better then working for somebody.  This first post of How to get started in Affiliate Marketing shows you a little bit about the expense.

I have to worn you that it takes work to make money as an affiliate marketer so don’t quit your job until your able to cover yourself.


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