Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Cartoon of the benefits of affiliate marketing.

Why Get Into Affiliate Marketing

Here goes the lecture.  Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme so ignore the websites with the fancy houses and cars and the good looking young men holding a fistful of money that they say they earned over night.

How badly do you want to make money in affiliate marketing, you can earn a living at your job.

Well yes but I find the internet is blind to certain things.  It cannot see what color, sex, social status or how much education you have received in your life and I almost forgot, what age you are.  The only thing the search engines can judge is your content based on their criteria.  This makes it a level playing field.

You can be your own boss.  That takes responsibility for yourself and everything that goes with that.  Motivation, dependability and trustworthiness is just a few of the attributes you need.

You can work anywhere you want just as long as you have a wireless connection and a laptop.

You can work anytime day or night, there is no waiting for your place of employment to open and no time card to punch.

Low overhead:  Like I said before the only thing you need is a wireless connection and a laptop, you do not need to worry about paying rent on equipment or a building.

If you hire somebody to do a special capture page for you or write an article, you won’t go broke.  For instance there is a website called <-affiliate link where you can hire free lance pros to help you with anything you do not have time to do or feel you do not have the expertise to do.

Yes, there is alot of good reasons to get into affiliate marketing.

Here is something I want to emphasize and I cannot do it enough. Do not quit your job to be an affiliate marketer.  You need to grow a reputation, know alittle bit about HTML, do your research on a niche you want to use as your vehicle to sell your products.  Get a list of subscribers who know and trust you.  Set up your tools to generate that list.  There are other factors that I haven’t thought of, but give me time, I will.

I would keep that job until you feel comfortable enough in your new role of affiliate marketer and you are seeing profit.

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More About Capture Pages

In my last post  Best Way To Get Started in Affiliate Marketing I was talking about capture pages and third party urls.  I want to continue with this as I was a little confused when I started using them.  Like I said, they are good for traffic exchanges, safelists and advertising sites.  The reason for this is these websites are “members only”.

How To Add Your Capture Page To Your Domain.

Where To Find Capture Templates

The templates I use for capture pages on my domain I get from:

Martin Chandler is the owner of this website.  I have learned so much from him about capture pages and how to use HTML to add the colors and images that I want.  This is a A+ website.

Here is a tutorial by Carol Walzcak which will show you how to host your capture pages.  She uses the autoresponder by GVO as an example but you can use your own autoresponder.

ebook titled How To Make and Host Your Own Splash and Squeeze Pages

Make Your Own Squeeze Page and Splash Page <-affiliate link

In conclusion:  I have given you some good reasons  Why get into Affiliate Marketing.  I also warned you about the pitfalls.  The internet right now is  the Wild West where there is tremendous opportunity on one hand and the other hand you can also loose your shirt.  I hope as 2018 rolls around it will remain a place where creativity and innovation can flourish.

Disclosure: The content of this post are my ideas, I do not try to emulate anybody else. If I use somebody elses material I will add the link and author in the post.

The affiliate links are to products that I endorse and it is up to you to buy or not. No affiliate link were harmed in the writing of this post.

Happy New Year


Update: It is now 2019 and I am still happy with both Martin Chandler and Carol Walzcak.

This is an update of Martin Chandlers website. There is some stuff that he has not updated but basically there is alot of free information and downloadable items that have stood up to the test of time.