Content For Email Marketing Is Now The New Black

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Everybody Is Into Content Marketing To Advertise Their Affiliate Products These Days.

Why does Content Marketing Work

Remember that the products that you are selling are also being sold by thousand of other affiliates and you have to stand out.  This being said you want to send your list a nice email filled with valuable content. When I say email I am also referring to newsletter also.

In my last post I wrote about the bare bones of an email campaign.  And you know that there are several emails written at an easy interval for your readers sake in each email campaign.  Every one of these emails should be written with good content to keep your subscriber engaged and looking forward to your next email, ideally.  Along with that you want to have these emails to be SEO friendly.

The Complete Definition Of Content Marketing

This is From Wikipedia, I wanted to give you a definition that is not biased in anyway.

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Content marketing is also defined as a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.[1] Content marketing can further be characterized as a step from earned to owned media. This means that by establishing own brand channels, brands increasingly act like media companies and fulfil corresponding functions like entertainment, information and social interaction. Ultimately, brands can become their own communication-medium and thereby replace paid-media channels.[2]

The type of content businesses share is closely related to what they sell. However, the content’s main focus is on the needs of the prospect. This information is consistently delivered and can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, blogs etc.

I also have here an article written by Heidi Cohen entitled Content Marketing Definition: 21 Experts Weigh In

Start with your keywords

  • Keywords are the anchors in the SEO sea.  The spider robots troll your article and find keywords related to your article this in turn rates you in the search engines.  The higher the rating, the higher you climb on the pages of the search engines.
  • Don’t put you relevant keywords all over the article, this will seem like you are using these keywords for the purpose of a high ranking, you want your article or email to be for your subscriber.  Good practice is to put your keyword in the first paragraph of your article, the last paragraph and maybe about twice in between.

The Positive Aspects of Content Marketing

  • Prioritize on-site content
    • For any product to be successful it needs to have an established voice.  That voice is coming thru you and your subscribers or customers need to trust you.  They want to know that the product that they buy from you is worth the money they paid for it.
    • In order for that to happen your content has to deliver value so that you can expect returning visitors to increase and that the search engines index your pages higher.  This is how you show them you can be trusted to take care of them.
    • This is true if you have a blog, or an email campaign or a newsletter.
  • Off-line Content
    • I think this is more important in blogging and newsletters then email campaigns.  It is important to have in-bound links to other blogs or websites, ones with authority not just any old thing.  Make sure they have relevant content relating to what you are talking about in that particular blog or newsletter.  The search engines will love you for it.
    • Here is added information from Andrea Lehr at Hubspot about inbound links that I added below:
        • Improved search rankings through inbound links.
        • Growth in traffic to your site where you can host more highly branded content, which presents a better conversion opportunity.
        • Focusing on earned reach versus relying simply on natural syndication will ensure you get the desired ROI from your content.

Does The Length Of The Article Matter

The length of the article or blog post matters in relationship to the keywords.  You’re probable saying, Whaaat!

  • The ideal relationship between keywords and article writing is to make the article long enough to be able to pepper your keywords through your article.
  • Not the same keyword but a conglomeration of this keyword in different phrases.  For example:
    • say you have the keyword “content”
    • content marketing, writing content, length of content, content based marketing, content definition; these are all different variations on the keyword content.
  • When visitors are searching for “content” or related term they will if all goes well land on your page because you have like I said before peppered your article with variations of the same keyword.

What Does This All Mean When I Am Trying To Sell My Products And Make A Living.

For the time being I am going to give you a link from a very good blog entitled  The article is: How to Make Money Online with SEO-Driven Affiliate Marketing 

Unfortunately you will not get rich over night with affiliate marketing,  you have to grow your reputation and people have to know and trust you in order to buy from you.  Its like a brick and mortar business, you have to grow your business and content marketing is one of the tools you can use.

Conclusion: Quality content leads to higher ranking and higher conversions


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