Your blog is the hub of your business

Make Your Blog The Hub Of Your Business

“Just as a living room is the center of your home a blog is the hub of your business.”   This quote comes from: a blog written by Mike Gaudreau.  I got to thinking about these 2 synonyms and how they compare.  Its pretty easy when you think about it.

First of all we have a empty room with plain walls with no decoration and the blog we are going to create is also an empty page.  Are we going to decorate your living room in modern, Victorian or maybe eclectic.  What is the focus of your blog going to be about.  You will also need a domain address.  It is best to have your domain name as close to what your blog niche is, for example in this post:, Chris Lee talks about how he chooses a domain name for his new blog.

Now that you have a domain name that you like it is time to get a platform for your new blog or in the case of the living room scenario a house for the room to live in.  Are you going to use WordPress, if you are is free with restriction, of course you can upgrade.  Many hosting sites have included in their package deals.  Also google has a blog platform called

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Consumer Is The New Norm is the new norm/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/

Putting Consumers At The Center

When I started out to write this post I was thinking about writing about “How to find a profitable niche in affiliate marketing”.  After doing some research I found out that I was behind the times. I think we are out growing “the money is in the niche” mentality and thinking more of the consumer.

From what I have researched 70% percent of Americans own a smartphone, I’m sure more then that have a computer or tablet.  It is definitely more convenient to shop on line then to go out to a store and shop.  You can buy groceries to clothes on line these days.  Seriously, how many of you are an Amazon associate.  As an consumer you are being catered to by stores like Kohl’s, Macys, Popa Johns if you want a pizza, Wayfair if you want to buy home furnishings.  You name it, its being sold on line.  Along with that they have an app for your convenience also.  Yes, catering to the consumer is the new norm.

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