Your blog is the hub of your business

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Make Your Blog The Hub Of Your Business

“Just as a living room is the center of your home a blog is the hub of your business.”   This quote comes from: a blog written by Mike Gaudreau.  I got to thinking about these 2 synonyms and how they compare.  Its pretty easy when you think about it.

First of all we have a empty room with plain walls with no decoration and the blog we are going to create is also an empty page.  Are we going to decorate your living room in modern, Victorian or maybe eclectic.  What is the focus of your blog going to be about.  You will also need a domain address.  It is best to have your domain name as close to what your blog niche is, for example in this post:, Chris Lee talks about how he chooses a domain name for his new blog.

Now that you have a domain name that you like it is time to get a platform for your new blog or in the case of the living room scenario a house for the room to live in.  Are you going to use WordPress, if you are is free with restriction, of course you can upgrade.  Many hosting sites have included in their package deals.  Also google has a blog platform called

I do not have a special favorite as far as hosting companies go.  I have not studied them so as of right now I think they are all the same.  My particular site is hosted through Namecheap. <-affiliate link  They offer it in the package I purchased from them.

You know what your niche is going to be and you have a domain name which tells your visitors when they visit your site what your niche is.  Whoa…I am going to stop here and say that the search engines appreciate the fact that your domain name is relevant to your niche.  The better to stalk you my pretty.

No, I am kidding.  This helps them index you.  But if theres any indexing going on it will be with the big cheese, I’m saying CONTENT.

Content and indexing go together like pancakes and syrup.  It is the biggest baddest boy in the gang.  If the search engines like your content they will stay for awhile, check you out and give you an A+. This is what you want, the search engines and your visitors to stay for awhile and partake in what you have to offer.  I am getting off the living room scenario but I think it is time to.

Bounce Rate

Google Analytics definition of Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits (or web sessions).  It is the number of visits in which a person leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any further.

Your always going to have a bounce rate, it just goes with the territory.  You will find alot of relevant info at kissmetrics so I am going to be lazy and not go into a long winded paragraph.  I do think the most important action you can take is put a landing page or squeeze page on your blog and also make sure the load time of your pages is speedy.

Page Speed


Visitors that land on your blog are generally not going to take any action on the first visit.  They will probably give it the once over and leave.  The rumor is that a human has to visit your blog at least seven times before any action is taken. (I don’t know how true this is for Aliens and Cats)  Ooops…we have a dilemma here, how are we going to fix this situation.

Blogs are different then single web pages such as sales pages, splash pages or landing pages.  I do not see very many people advertising blogs or blog posts for that matter in traffic exchanges, safelists or advertising sites.  Why, because  you are probably looking for a targeted audience that is interested in what your blog has to offer.  Traffic exchanges, safelists and advertising sites are geared to a more generalized audience.

This is also done with the help of retargeting ads.  These ads are served up to people that have already visited your blog and are cookied to receive these ads on other websites they visit as a reminder to go back and visit your blog.  For Example:  I am going to get personnel here.  I visit a clothing website to check out a sale but decide not to buy anything but I did put an item in my wishlist.  The next website I visit will have a banner ad with the exact item and the company logo plus a submit button in case I change my mind.

There are many online companies that will do this for you


There are probably more.  They all charge to do this so make it worth your while.  Social Media such as Facebook can also be used.  I am not going to explain it because i think the people at Hubspot do better justice.  Keep in mind that Facebook also charges you for this service.

Social media

I am not a big fan of bothering your friends and family on social media about all your various affiliate sites that you are promoting.  I think social media is for socializing.  I am behind the times and a stick-in-the-mud.  I am a member of various groups that are attached to affiliate sites that I promote.

You could start a group pertaining to your blog.  That is definitely a cozy living room for the members of your blog to gather and have discussions.


Make your blog the hub of your business with spokes jutting out to the internet.  These spokes can be landing pages, sales pages, tutorials etc., all relevant to the niche you have chosen.  It will truly turn into the space where you invite visitors to be your guests–>contacts–>customers.

PS:   I have to tell you I have just had problems with my blog and had to use a back up to get it back on line.  If you have a WordPress blog back each post up after you publish it.  I have lost 2 posts because I did not back them up plus quite a few comments.  If you plan to put other things on your blog like landing pages, capture pages etc. backing up your blog is very important.

Disclosure: The content of this post are my ideas, I do not try to emulate anybody else. If I use somebody elses material I will add the link and author in the post.

The affiliate links are to products that I endorse and it is up to you to buy or not. No affiliate link were harmed in the writing of this post.

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