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Backlinks are important to your blog

Backlinks in my opinion are the best way to get ranked highly in the search engines.  The definition of a backlink is a link that is redirected to your website. In alot of my blog posts you will see that I have put links up to various websites that I think will be of help to my readers.  These links are a backlink that is directed to a particular website from my post.

The owners of these particular websites that are linked in my posts are profiting in a certain way because the search engines are indexing these links and where they are going.

If my post or website is popular and in good favor with the search engines and I have put a link to a blog that I think is important to my post, that particular blog or website will profit from my action.

If you are getting Huffington Post, for example, putting the link to your blog on their website you will be ranking higher in the search engines.  The search engines favor well established websites. The age of the domain is seen as a sign of trustworthiness.

Its Good To Be Popular

Now that we know that the links from the most popular websites is what the search engines are looking for, well, how do we go about attracting these links.

Quote:  When you do a Google search you are not searching the web, you are doing a Google Index Search of the web.  From “How Search Works” By Matt Cutts or

Remember this, Links are probably one of the most important ways search engines index websites next to keywords.  Search engines judge between spam links and relevant links.  Relevant being are they relevant to your content.  That is why in my last post I was so adamant about watching out how many viral links you add to your blog.  Their are dynamite, they can explode the popularity of your website or destroy it.

The kind of links the search engines love and will make you popular are the links you have permission to put on your blog or website from another top quality blog or website.  This is the link back to you hence backlink from a quality website or blog.

There is a personal quality to this as the blogger or website owner has respect for the blog, author or website owner therefore he/she has no qualms about putting that link on their blog or website.  I must reiterate here, that is if the domain is well established

This will help you climb the ladder to the top of the search engines and your affiliate links will be viewed by top quality websites and blogs also your blog will be read by more visitors gaining you more referrals, etc.

As you can see this will take time.

How To Get Backlinks

Content seems to be the best way to get backlinks.  A natural way to get backlinks is to have such good content on your blog that other bloggers will be knocking each other out of the way to put their awesome links on your blog.  I don’t mean just any old blogger, I mean the popular kids.  Google loves this and it is also great for page ranking and if you are reviewing products on your blog a great way for these to be seen.

It has been suggested that to achieve this you need to write separate articles.  You do this using ezine articles.  Here is the website to look over  This website was hit pretty hard in 2011 when Google made a major change to  their algorithm.  The site became more selective, reduced the number of ads and raised the minimum word count.  This is according to Wikipedia.

With this in mind I have seen alot of people thinking that ezine articles are a thing of the past, probably because of the Panda algorithm.  In 2014 Ezine Articles decided to make all their links “no follow” links.  This keeps spam at bay as a no follow link is just as it says.  The bots will index it but it has no link juice.  Therefore the link cannot be judged by google as a spam link or a trustworthy link.  But Google does say to use “no follow” on Paid links and untrusted content.

I am getting away from the reason I am writing this blog and that is backlinks.

How do “do follow” links pertain to your backlinks

These are the links that carry the link juice from one website to another website or blog if the case may be.  By the way, Google loves blogs.  Search engines want these links to be trustworthy and relevant to what the blog is all about.  Thus you have the “do follow” link.  This link helps you to get a good page ranking.  You are really in a popular group when your blog attracts links from another high ranking blog like for example.

How do I accomplish this

This is accomplished by writing articles, joining forums, PR blogs and web 2.0 properties.

Article writing  At this point the search engines are more interested in well written articles in your blog rather then an enzine articles written to attract visitors to your blog.

Forums  If you are going to join a forum make sure it one in your niche. You want to interact with people that have the same interest as you

Public Relations Find out the trends and what is going on in the world and write articles about it.  You can send these articles to magazines in your niche or blogs in your niche (there you go, a do follow link is born)  I would make sure these articles are relevant to your niche though.

Web 2.0 properties.  These are social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and so on.  Social media sites do have the logos that are actually links to their sites that you can put on your blog through plug-ins if you have WordPress.  I do not know if I would consider this a backlink.

On the other hand social media sites are their own search engines according to Neil Patel

Comments helps your popularity

Commenting:  If you like to comment on a blog post you have just read and it is relevant to your niche this is another way of getting backlinks.  There is a plug-in called “CommentLuv”  that will help you with this.  It very easy to use and commenters  can add links to their blog or website in the form provided.  Not only can you put it on your WordPress blog but also if you are using Blogger it can be utilized.

If you want people to comment on your blog you do need a plug in or some kind of software to use because you need control over these comments.  There are bots and trolls out there and you do not want to be an easy target.

These are 2 plug-ins I know of.  One is commentluv and the other is Disqus.  I am using Disqus.  Disqus is a networked community platform that will connect your blog  to hundred of users all over the world.  Here is is an article written by Saeed Oday.

  The only problem with this is you have to have a Disque account to comment.  In other words community on community.  On the other hand it does do a good job of protecting you from the trolls.

Commentluv is far simpler to add to your blog or website, that I know but I did not set it up so if your interested read below:

What is CommentLuv


How do “no follow” links pertain to your backlinks

When blogs became very popular and commenting on the content of blogs started, the visitor would add a comment along with their name, their address and a link back to their blog, website or probably even an affiliate link.  You actually acquired a backlink in this way.  Google found out that some of these links were spam and controlled this by inventing the “no follow link”.  Now all commenting systems use this. They would index the link but the link has no juice, therefore it doesn’t exist.

“No follow” links are not good for your website or blog because they are untrustworthy so why use them at all.  Because it is good to use them for low quality websites or low domain quality websites that may hurt your rankings.

I have a plug-in called Pretty Links that I use to shorten and cloak alot of my links I use in safelists and traffic exchanges.  The plug-in is on this blog and these links are “no follow links”.

Don’t give up on “no follow links” read this blog post

In Summary:  Getting backlinks to your blog or website is going to be a daunting task if you are shy and hide behind your computer like I do.  Being part of a community and getting to know people that are interested in your niche will help you in the long run and those backlinks that are being offered to you from people that respect your work will help your page ranking and your pocketbook.

Disclosure: The content of this post are my ideas, I do not try to emulate anybody else. If I use somebody elses material I will add the link and author in the post.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.



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