Easter Chocolate

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Sacred Chocolate is here with some sinfully delicious candy to celebrate Easter, Passover, Mothers Day and celebrating the season of Spring.

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Easter chocolate goodies

And if you would like a chocolate bunny to give to your love one Sacred Chocolate has these in

Immuno Mushroom which includes medicinal mushrooms and has a woodsy flavor.


Mint which includes whole peppermint leaves and peppermint oil

Here is the famous Amazonian Heart which has 22 Amazonian herbs plus nuts and fruits from the Amazon Jungle.

You can buy it from Amazon.  I would only do that in the winter months due to the fact that the Heart bars have to be at 72 degrees or lower.  I really do not know how experienced Amazon is at shipping chocolate.  If your interested you can click on the image below.

Sacred Chocolate Amazonian Heart

You can also have your own Easter Bunny Amazonian which is available in small (.5 lb.). And of course the Hearts are also available to. Just click the image below: