Sacred Chocolate Logo
Here is the latest from David "Avocado" Wolfe and "Sacred Steve" Adler, the owners of Sacred Chocolate.  These guys know how to mix science and cacao to make the most unique and healthy chocolate on the planet.  Please click on the image below:
Sacred Chocolate Heart Bar Tumo
I have bought their chocolate and here is a testament to eating a luscious mylk chocolate heart.  Incidentally there was no milk or sugar in the heart.  It is dairy free and sweetened with coconut and maple syrup.  Please click on image below:

Not only does Sacred Heart Chocolate have chocolate hearts but they also have chocolate bars.  Have a look at the WHITE PASSION SACRED CHOCOLATE RECTANGULAR BAR.  It is white with lemon and coconut and is dairy free.

Assortment of Sacret Chocolate Rectangular Bars